Worth a Try This Afternoon

preview_170026_1345084Are they here, the caddis? Well, yes and no. They are hatching, though not yet in “blanket hatch” numbers. We had reports of good dry fly fishing yesterday afternoon and evening. Today could be even better. The Yellowstone River has been dropping steadily over the past few days and the clarity is plenty good enough for the fish to be looking up. For today, at least. The flow gauge at Corwin Springs spiked back up this morning, so muddy water could be on the way. But if enough bugs are on the water, tomorrow could still be good. Thursday is likely to be toast, after two warm days. Somewhat surprisingly, the forecasters are predicting that the river will come back down somewhat by the weekend. We’ll see. All that said, you might want to hit the Yellowstone this afternoon. Look for the bugs to start coming off around 2 or 3 in the afternoon and continuing into the evening. Try fishing a caddis dry with an emerger as a dropper (go relatively short with your dropper, maybe a foot). The Bloom’s Parachute Caddis in dark olive is probably my favorite dry for this hatch, in about a size 14. The pink parachute post gives you a fighting chance of keeping track of your fly among all the naturals. Everything Emergers in peacock are also a good one to try, though harder to see. We’ve got a bunch of good emerger patterns here at Sweetwater Fly Shop. Maybe try a Translucent Pupa in green, again in size 14. The Spotlight Emerger is another good one. If you’re out before the hatch really gets going, drift a caddis pupa, such as a Beadhead Drifting Grannom or a Super Pupa. Now’s your chance; don’t let it pass you by.

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