Wednesday Update

CorwinThe water clarity of the Yellowstone River at Carter’s Bridge this morning was very good, but don’t expect that to last. The flow gauge at Corwin Springs has shot up like a rocket. By tomorrow, the river will likely be pretty darn muddy through town and below. Will it clear up again? Hard to say. If you have the chance, you might want to hit the river this afternoon. There have been caddis hatching from downstream of Livingston, through town, and up at least as far as Mallard’s Rest. Not a ton of fish eating on top, but enough to make a float or wade worthwhile. Look for fish feeding along shore, in eddies and backwaters, and along foam lines. Don’t forget about emergers (see yesterday’s post for a couple of suggestions). Hopefully, we’ll have another chance at the Mother’s Day Hatch; cross your fingers for some cooler weather.

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