Not Much Wind Yet…

But it’s supposed to be coming. So get out early if you want to fish today. It’s certainly warm enough already. And the upcoming frigid weather is going to keep you inside for a while.

Decent Today

Yes, it’s a bit chilly right now. But it’s supposed to warm up to the low 40′s this afternoon. Warm enough to get out for an hour or two. Drift some nymphs through the slower, deeper water, particularly on the inside bend below a riffle. Our go-to rig has been a stonefly nymph with a smaller beadhead as a dropper. The Holo Prince in purple has been effective, as has the Zebra Midge in black or red. Lightning Bugs and Copper Johns in red, black, or chartreuse (or copper, for that matter) are also good choices for your dropper. Stop by Sweetwater Fly Shop on your way to the river for some flies and advice.

Hello, Winter!

There was a 20 degree drop this morning between Bozeman and Livingston. Find yourself someplace warm to hang out and wait for the weekend.

Warm But Windy

Today’s not your day if you don’t like fishing in the wind. It’s currently not blowing as hard here at the shop as they predicted, yet. You could fish in this, if you’re really itching to get on the water. You should be able to get out of it, to some extent, by going high in the Paradise Valley (say, Point of Rocks). With the sun and wind, it’ll be primarily nymphing. Try drifting a Rubberlegs with a Lightning Bug, Copper John, or Zebra Midge as a dropper. This weekend should be decent, after it warms a bit from the cold front that’s on its way over the next few days. Put on your woolies and get outdoors for a few hours.

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