Farewell, in a Way (We’ve Moved)

May 11th, 2015 | Posted by: BigCutty

Fishing ReportsHere at Sweetwater Fly Shop, we’ve got a fancy new website that we’re very proud of. In order to consolidate our efforts and make things more efficient, we’re now posting our fishing reports for the Yellowstone River, the Paradise Valley spring creeks, and southwestern Montana directly to our website, instead of on this blog page. To see our most recent fishing reports, look under the “Fly Fishing in Montana” tab at the top of the new web page (or click here to go there directly). Please bookmark our site for future reference. Thanks!

Lower Madison 6/7/13

June 7th, 2013 | Posted by: BigCutty

Sometimes rumors are just that. If there are any salmonflies on the Lower Madison, they weren’t where I was. Which was downstream of Black’s Ford. No adults in the air or the bushes. No shucks. And the trout weren’t greedily smashing the nymphs, either. What  action there was was on a black Copper John. There were PMDs, caddis, and yellow sallies in the air. Just no big bugs. It should pick up soon.

Hello, June!

June 2nd, 2013 | Posted by: BigCutty

Lower Maddie BrownThe fishing was decent yesterday on the Lower Madison. Still primarily nymphing. There were a few yellow sallies and mayflies out during the day, but we only saw a rise or two. The dry fly fishing might get better in the evening; we just haven’t talked to anyone who’s been out late. We did best with the Bush’s Dad, and picked up a couple more with the CDC Pheasant Tail as well.

Word is that the Yellowstone is still fishing well, at least for a time of year when it should be in full runoff mode (7450 cfs!). Big, dark stonefly nymphs, especially in the soft corners, have picked up the most fish. The fun might be over soon, though. The Lamar went up yesterday, which often means a mud plug is coming. The surge has reached Corwin Springs, but not Carter’s Bridge, so you still might find relatively good clarity if you fish the Paradise Valley today. Remember, be careful out there. It’s still a big river.

Lower Madison

May 27th, 2013 | Posted by: BigCutty

The Lower Madison fished pretty well for us on nymphs yesterday. Nothing of any great size, but plenty of fish, even a couple of increasingly rare whitefish. We landed trout on a variety of nymphs, including a brown and orange Jimmy Legs, Kyle’s Beadhead Little Sally, Bush’s Dad, and yep, even a purple Psycho Prince. We got off just before the deluge. If you go today, take your raincoat, as there’s a 40% chance of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Best news? The wife’s getting good enough on the oars that I can do a lot more fishing and a lot less instructing. I’m a lucky husband!