Caddis Update

There were caddis hatching yesterday below and through town, at least as far up as Carter’s Bridge. Some fish were caught on dries, though the action wasn’t red hot (though we had one report of really good fishing below Livingston). Water temperatures are back on the way up and should reach the “magic number” of 51-52 degrees sometime around mid-afternoon. So far, the relatively good water clarity is holding, though the flows at Corwin Springs went up quite a bit overnight. So there could be some dirtier water coming through the Paradise Valley today. Our advice? Float near or through town this afternoon. Fish a caddis pupa early on, under an indicator. Try an olive Mangy Caddis or a green Hotwire Caddis. When the bugs start coming off, switch to a dry with an emerger dropper. The Parachute Caddis is one of our favorite dries, with a pink post to aid visibility (which can be a big issue if there are lots of naturals on the water). Take a “sick day” this afternoon; it might be your last chance to fish the Mother’s Day hatch in relatively clear water!

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