Big & Brown

Lots of WaterLooks like we’re going to weather the storm. For now, at least. The National Weather Service is predicting that the Yellowstone River will begin receding slowly from its peak this afternoon. Whether it will come up again is an open question. It depends in part on the upcoming weather patterns. No flooding or other problems here at Sweetwater Fly Shop. Keep your fingers crossed for us. Thanks to all who have called to offer your assistance!

The good news is that the early snowmelt probably indicates that we will be back on the river a little sooner than we had thought. It’s a little early to be making predictions, but mid-July is seeming like a distinct possibility.

The Paradise Valley spring creeks are fishing well right now, primarily with nymphs and streamers. There are no significant hatches going on right now; we’ll let you know as soon as the first PMDs are spotted. The rod fees go up to $100 on June 15 (they’re currently $75). Get out there now while it’s a little cheaper and there aren’t as many people on the creeks as there will be later on. If you are planning a trip to the area in late June and July and want to fish the spring creeks, please give us a call at the shop (406-222-9393). We’ve pre-booked a few days and will be happy to set you up with a guide to show you the ropes.

The local private lakes are another great fishing opportunity during runoff. They’re fishing very well. We were up at Story Lake the other day and netted several really nice Rainbows (and one nice-sized brookie). Again, the fishing was primarily nymphs under an indicator, or stripping Buggers or Leeches. Damsel nymphs are also a good bet; strip them along the bottom and be ready for aggressive takes. There were plenty of callibaetis mayflies (both spinners and duns) out at Story the other day. Had there been less wind, we might have had some good dry fly action. Be sure to take some callibaetis dries with you if you’re headed to one of the local lakes. Again, we’ve got some upcoming days at Story Lake pre-booked in late June and July. Give us a call if you want to experience the spectacular scenery and have a chance at some big lake ‘bows.


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