Enough, Already!

Yes, there’s more mud in the Yellowstone River this morning. Right now, it’s up high, between Carbella and 26 mile. We won’t pass on how the color was described to us. Let’s just say that it’s not fishable. So stay down lower in the Paradise Valley, or go below Livingston. If you go below town, […]

A Good Day to Fish!

The Yellowstone River is looking very good this morning. It’s clear up above Emigrant, it’s clear in Livingston, it looks clear on the web cam at Pine Creek. We haven’t heard any reports from down below Livingston yet, but it was clear in town last night, so I wouldn’t expect any trouble below town today. […]

Looks Good

The Yellowstone River is relatively clear in the Paradise Valley this morning, especially up high. Six Mile Creek is still dumping some mud in above Emigrant, but the river remains fishable down towards Livingston. Fishing in the evening yesterday was quite good, and we expect today to be a good one. It’s time to try […]

Go East

Go East

It seems like most of our posts lately have concerned the location of mud. Today’s no exception. We’ve got mud throughout the Paradise Valley this morning, from Gardiner down to Livingston. So you should head downstream of town if you want to find clear water. The good news is that hoppers have been picking up […]

Mud Report

As expected, we’ve got some mud in the Yellowstone River this morning. Coffee with cream, unfishable mud. Our reports indicate that it’s bad at Emigrant, down through Livingston. We haven’t heard anything from east of town yet. That’s the bad news. The good news is that the water is clearer at Carbella and up above […]

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