May 2014

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Big & Brown

Big & Brown

Looks like we’re going to weather the storm. For now, at least. The National Weather Service is predicting that the Yellowstone River will begin receding slowly from its peak this afternoon. Whether it will come up again is an open question. It depends in part on the upcoming weather patterns. No flooding or other problems […]

It’s On!

Leave work early. I am. There are tons of caddis all through the Paradise Valley. My windshield can attest to that.

This Evening? Tomorrow?

We’ve gotten reports of good numbers of caddis out in several spots on the Yellowstone last evening, but no word of fish actually eating them consistently. There were a fair number of bugs behind the shop last night, but only a few splashy emerger rises. The water at Carter’s Bridge got up to about 50 […]

A Short Window

The Yellowstone River has dropped a bunch over the last few days and the clarity right now is quite good (over 2 feet). Don’t know how much longer it will last with the warmer weather, but we’re crossing our fingers for the weekend. Right now, the water temperatures are pretty low (42 degrees), so the […]

Caddis Update

There were caddis hatching yesterday below and through town, at least as far up as Carter’s Bridge. Some fish were caught on dries, though the action wasn’t red hot (though we had one report of really good fishing below Livingston). Water temperatures are back on the way up and should reach the “magic number” of […]

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