April 2014

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Looking (Pretty) Good

The Yellowstone River looks better than it has in a few days, with dropping flows and plenty of clarity for catching fish. It’s still likely to be mostly nymphs and streamers, though there have been baetis and a few March Browns hatching. Bigger and darker patterns (e.g., brown or black Rubberlegs and Wooly Buggers) are […]

Clarity Update

As of yesterday afternoon, there was about 18″ of visibility on the Yellowstone River below Carter’s Bridge. Tough, but fishable. If anything, today should be a bit better in terms of clarity. I managed to land a few trout yesterday in a couple of hours of fishing. All of them hit a size 8 brown […]

Happy Easter!

Today could be a good day to get out and do some Easter fishing. It certainly looks like it’s going to be a gorgeous day. Let me anticipate some phone calls (the shop phone’s already been ringing). The clarity is good but not great. This morning at Carter’s Bridge, there was about 2 feet of […]