August 2013

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More Mud?

Yes, there’s more dirty water headed down the Yellowstone River today. It’s clear down here near town. And if you went above Yankee Jim Canyon, say to McConnell, you’ll probably stay behind it. Between Emigrant and the canyon is dirty. So there’s plenty of fishable water out there. And where there’s clear water, the fishing […]

Did I Speak Too Soon?

Soon after I posted last evening, we heard that there was new dirty water between Gardiner and Corwin Springs. If that’s true (we haven’t had any substantiation yet this morning), the Paradise Valley might be a no-go today. A float through or below Livingston could be a better bet. Or above Yankee Jim Canyon. As […]

Clearing Up

Word is that the water above Yankee Jim Canyon was relatively clear today after the recent mud plugs. Barring more heavy rain up in the Park, that clear water should move through the Paradise Valley and the fishing should be good tomorrow. Dry fly action again? I think so. A welcome relief from all the […]

Weekend Outlook

Weekend Outlook

Fishing on the Yellowstone River has been hard to figure out lately. One day it’s great, the next it’s a bit slow. One day the morning is better, the next day it’s the afternoon. The fish are greedy for hoppers, or they won’t give them the time of day. Be ready to experiment and adapt. […]

Friday Yellowstone River Update

No mud reported yet today! Doesn’t mean that everything will remain crystal clear – the Lamar did bump up a bit yesterday. Fishing reports have been somewhat inconsistent, with some of our guides reporting great days and others struggling a little to find fish. That said, it’s worth getting out there and giving it a […]