July 2013

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Stay Down Low…

…And you just might avoid the plug of mud that’s currently between Corwin Springs and Carbella. It’s unfishable up there. Other than that, the Yellowstone continues to fish well. Hoppers are starting to take some fish. Try a classic hopper-dropper rig with the beadhead nymph of your choice. Or trail your hopper with an ant […]

Clarity Update

The Yellowstone River is beginning to clear up from yesterday’s muddy conditions. Not that you can see bottom yet, but it’s got a foot and a half of visibility behind the shop and word is that it’s getting better up higher. Tomorrow should be a good fishing day. The river tends to fish very well […]

Mud Slide

Mud Slide

There was a significant mud slide yesterday afternoon up near Gardiner. Looks like it’s in the river. We haven’t heard yet how far down the muddy water has flowed, but the Paradise Valley could be unfishable today. You might still find clear water out East of Livingston. We’ll be getting more information this morning. Give […]

Down East

Most of the boats are still heading up into the Paradise Valley. If you want to avoid some of the traffic, consider heading downstream of Livingston. The bonus? The fish are starting to look up for hoppers down there. Not a lot mind you, but we got some eats yesterday. We caught a few on […]

Don’t Forget Streamers

Yes, the dry fly bite has been good lately. And you can almost always pick up some fish (including some trout) with nymphs. But if things aren’t red hot, try tying on a streamer, particularly if the clouds have rolled in. One of our guides reported doing quite well yesterday afternoon with a black streamer. […]

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