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Addendum – 5/30

Up above Yankee Jim Canyon, small streamers were productive yesterday. Yellow was a winning color; fish were chasing (and eating) a yellow Beldar Rubber Legs and a J.J. Special, among others. Most of the fish went after stripped flies, but we did get one on a deaddrifted Bow River Bugger (Whitefaced Blackie); that’s a technique […]

Yellowstone River 5/30/2013

The Yellowstone came up 400 c.f.s overnight from the rain we got yesterday (much needed), however the clarity is still good considering the time of year, 1.5 feet or so.  The gauges show that it is already starting to drop at Corwin Springs this morning, so we should see it starting to drop a bit […]

Yellowstone River 5/29/2013

Fishable in late May?!?  Sounds unheard of, but it is true.  We heard from a couple very reliable resources that floated Carters to Mayers Landing, and one that waded and fished with his spey rod that fish were eating yesterday.  The floaters had success drifting dark stone fly patterns like the Double Header and Rubber […]

Lower Madison

The Lower Madison fished pretty well for us on nymphs yesterday. Nothing of any great size, but plenty of fish, even a couple of increasingly rare whitefish. We landed trout on a variety of nymphs, including a brown and orange Jimmy Legs, Kyle’s Beadhead Little Sally, Bush’s Dad, and yep, even a purple Psycho Prince. […]

Yellowstone National Park Opener, 5/25/2013

Yellowstone National Park Opener, 5/25/2013

It’s that time of year again, the opening day for fishing in Yellowstone Park is this coming Saturday.  With run off plaguing a lot of Montana’s rivers, the park offers up some good options.  The Firehole, Madison and Gibbon  are all good options for opening weekend. There are a couple of things you want to […]

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