October 2012

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High of 65!

Call in sick. Who cares if it’s likely to be a bit windy. Don’t miss Summer’s last gasp. The Yellowstone River is still fishing well, primarily with nymphs. Try deaddrifting a Wooly Bugger, with your favorite beadhead as a dropper. Yes, you’ll pick up some whiteys, but hopefully some trout as well. It’s supposed to […]

Spring Creek Rainbow

Spring Creek Rainbow

Just a photo of a beautifully colored Depuy’s Spring Creek rainbow to whet your appetite. This particular fish fell prey to a size 20 Sawyer Pheasant Tail nymph, but I also caught several on baetis dries (Sprout Baetis, Sparkle Dun Biot, Last Chance Cripple, all in size 20). The hatch is coming off like clockwork […]

If It Weren’t For The Wind…

…today would be a perfect day to catch some fish on baetis on the Paradise Valley spring creeks or chuck streamers on the Yellowstone. Relatively warm, overcast. It’s breezy, but not whipping, at the shop right now. But the forecast is for 25 mph from the Southwest. Still, I’d be out fishing if I didn’t […]

Spawning Season

Spawning Season

It’s the time of year when the brown trout are doing their thing to produce the next generation of wild fish. Whether you’re fishing one of the Paradise Valley spring creeks or a side channel or shallow riffle of the Yellowstone River, keep your eyes open for areas of cleared-off gravel. These spawning “redds” are […]

Streamers, Too

We haven’t heard any reports of lights out streamer fishing, but this should be the time of year and weather for it. On these overcast days, I tend to start with darker colors (e.g., olive or black). But be ready to switch it up if you’re not getting action. Yes, stripping off the bank can […]

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